Captain America (02)
Real Name: Steven Rogers

Current Alias: Captain America

Aliases: Steve Rogers, Steven Grant Rogers, Cap, "Winghead", "Shieldslinger", Buck Jones, Sentinel of Liberty, the Living Legend, Star-Spangled Avenger, Nomad, the Captain, Crossbones, Super-Soldier, Commander Rogers, Spider-King, Cap-Wolf

Relatives: Steven Rogers (ancestor, deceased), unidentified grandfather (deceased), Joseph Rogers (father, deceased), Sarah Rogers (mother, deceased), unborn child (deceased)

Captain America (03)

Commander Rogers

Affiliation: Avengers (leader), S.H.I.E.L.D (formerly director), Illuminati; formerly Secret Avengers (Black Ops Unit) (leader), Secret Avengers (Civil War), New Avengers, Diamondback (partner), Demolition-Man (partner), Secret Defenders, Nomad (partner), Falcon (partner), Rick Jones (partner), Invaders, Crazy S.U.E.S, Bucky (partner)

Base of Operations: Quincarrier, mobile; formerly Secret Avengers' secret safehouses; Avengers Tower, Manhattan, New York; Hydrobase, Atlantic Ocean; Avengers Mansion, Manhattan, New York; Rokantanski and Co., Brooklyn Heights, New York;, 569 Leaman Place, Brooklyn Heights, New York


Alignment: Good

Identity: Public

Citizenship: American

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Adventurer; federal officer; intelligence operative, police officer, teacher, sparring partner, soldier

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